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The Concept
Aueeé comes from a expression colorful of the pugliese dialect in a few words it means, “Dear lord, have the willingness to lend me a moment of his attention.”
The brand Aueeé is similar in style to the classic lights, artistic excellence of our Apulia region, used in the popular festivals of south Italy. The graphic composition and color gives the design a more emotional impact and represents the nature in its four elements. The red heart of the brand is the fire and its heat, the blue depicts the sea of Puglia, and its quiet, the yellow recalls the the wind and its strength, while blowing between the harvests of June, the green symbolizes the earth in its fertility.
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We Aueeé

Aueeé was born from the initiative of two friends from Puglia, Vito and Cristian.
Their goal is to be a bridge for all Italians in the world, so that the flavours, traditions and values of Our Puglia may come on every table, inside and outside the Italian borders.
Aueeé can count on the professional experience of the two founders, so different but complementary.
Vito has used his experience of the manufacturer of wines, oils and typical products of puglia, instead, Cristian, manager in a multinational company, has provided the know-how necessary for management planning.
The common passion for the authentic flavors and the typical products of the tradition has led them to create a selection of high quality, with a special eye to the packaging, is really unique, and the final price, really advantageous.
In short, “Aueeé” typical linguistic expression of puglia, which is used between friends with a sense friendship, is the reality where quality, packaging and price really shake hands.

Mission & Vision

Someone one day said, “tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are”, this is proof of how the culinary tradition belongs to the culture and history of a people.


Aueeé has as its mission the desire to reach the tables of every person in the world to allow them to learn and appreciate the culture of our region, through the tasting of genuine products and typical of the Puglia region.


We love to believe that also thanks to us, our children can grow up to be seated before a table laden with Italian flavours, while listening to stories of a wonderful Country such as ours.

The Aueeé Founders 


Cristian Digirolamo

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Vito Spinelli

Co-Founder & CEO